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Dive into the era of digitalization with EYASSUR, our avant-garde platform designed to revolutionize the health insurance sector. Offering tools for contract management, financial tracking and digitization of the policyholder experience, EYASSUR is the key to more efficient, transparent insurance management, adapted to modern needs. Simplify your operations, reduce your costs and enhance your customers’ experience with a solution that redefines health insurance.


Automation and management of health insurance contracts, facilitating seamless administration and rapid access to contractual information.

Advanced tools for efficient financial and billing management, enabling real-time monitoring of expenses and revenues associated with insurance policies.

Improved policyholder experience thanks to a digitized customer journey, from underwriting to claims settlement.

Access to detailed reports and analyses for a clear view of operational and financial performance, supporting strategic decision-making.

Easy-to-use platform for managers and policyholders, improving interaction and customer satisfaction.

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