Medical Passport

Get your Medical Passport now and take control of your health!


Embrace the future of healthcare management with Eyone’s Medical Passport, your personalized digital health record. Designed to put the power of health information in the palm of your hand, our solution provides easy, secure access to your medical data, improving care coordination and patient autonomy. With Passeport Médical, you can manage your health and that of your family with ease, wherever you are.


Centralize your information with a complete online medical profile. Security and confidentiality for your medical data.

Consult and share your medical history and documents: prescriptions, reports. Transparency and efficiency in your care.

Book and manage your medical appointments easily via our app. Effortless care planning for patients.

Find doctors and care facilities in your area with the interactive health map. Quick access to care.

Control data sharing with secure authorizations. Enhanced control and confidentiality of your medical information.

Pay your medical expenses directly from the app. Simplified transactions and financial tracking for patients.