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Discover the Hospital Information System, our revolutionary solution for the digitalization of healthcare facilities. Designed to optimize the management of medical establishments, SI MEDICAL integrates advanced functionalities for patient management, billing, appointments and much more. Transform your facility with a solution that combines efficiency, security and compliance.


Simplify patient identification with multiple options: smart card, QR, phone. Improve reception and data security.

Advanced patient file management: medical/administrative data, care history. Centralize information for better care.

Optimize the billing and financial management of your healthcare facility. Precise tracking of revenues and expenses for improved profitability.

Simplified digital prescriptions: prescriptions, examinations, certificates. Speed up processes and improve patient follow-up.

Efficient appointment management with SMS/email reminders. Reduce absences and optimize your healthcare professionals' schedules.

Real-time monitoring of pharmacy stock, order management. Improve drug management and avoid stock-outs.

Detailed reports: medical and financial statistics. Make informed decisions with accurate, up-to-date data.

Easier communication with medical messaging: secure information exchange between healthcare professionals.

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