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Solutions Tailored to Each Participant in the Care Journey

Passeport Médical Eyone

Easier Access to Patient Care Pathways

Manage your health online with your Medical Passport. Follow-up, appointments and document sharing – everything becomes simpler and more secure.

Image Digitalisation Hôpitaux

Modernization of Hospital Management

Optimize the management of your healthcare facility through digitalization: simplified patient management, billing and administration.

Image digitalisation Assurances

Simplifying Health Insurance Processes

Digitalize your insurance: contracts, processes and reporting at the click of a button. Improve efficiency and customer experience now.

digitalisation gouvernements

Strengthening Health Systems Through Digital

Innovate in public health and improve care coordination and data management for better health coverage.


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We digitize care pathways for improved quality of care.

A network of
250 healthcare professionals

Who opt for digitalization by using our network of digitalized services to teletransmit their invoices, manage their appointments and offer innovative services.

About thirty
specialties covered

Patient files dedicated to their specialties enable our healthcare professionals to work with relevant data while tracking their patients' history.

Together, Let's Save Lives